KING SIZE SLIM 2 Seas Session Jan '16

In November '15 KSS headquarters received an intriguing phone call, a special invitation to perform and record an exclusive live session at 2 Seas Studio Bahrain for an in-house project entitled '2 Seas Sessions'. An early January morning, 7 hour flight Heathrow to Bahrain, over 3500 miles and Toby Barelli landed on the Island Kingdom of Bahrain in the Persian Gulf. Two productive days later and a '2 Seas Session' completed. Featuring a selection of songs from the forthcoming album 'Chukka Chukka' and one ,specially requested, choice cover version, The session went well and and a lot of fun was had with the fantastic on-site crew. Full video and audio to be released as part of a series by 2 Seas in the coming weeks.
Heres what 2 Seas have to say......
' To sum up what we do: record and film stripped down acoustic versions of music by artists we love. Intimate, authentic, unique and atmospheric live sessions, with no genre bias, we just love good music.
Our mission is record and film artists from the four corners of the planet and to promote the work online for the rest of the world to see and enjoy.
Signed household names and completely unknown unsigned street performers, get the same chance and treatment to come and join us, the only requirement is that it is live and we think it is great.'

In 2015 KING SIZE SLIM performed 169 Shows, toured a double bill show with guitar hero Skip McDonald across the UK , broke new ground in France, Belgium and Catalonia, and made waves in the UK festival scene with wonderfully received shows at Beautiful Days, Red Rooster and Acoustic Festival Of Great Britain amongst others.
The first few months of 2016 will see the release of the second album for Treehouse44 records, the onomatopoeically titled, 'CHUKKA CHUKKA' with a West London launch show and touring to be announced. Also in spring 2016 theres a return to France and Belgium, and debut solo shows in Holland and also in Bahrain.
Rehearsals start in earnest in January with an all new 4-piece line-up named 'KING SIZE SLIM and the LEVY' for festival and concert shows in the UK and Europe. Four part close harmony vocals, layered percussion, bass and guitars and a little Hastings magick mixing together to create the heavyweight acoustic sound of KING SIZE SLIM live and direct.

Levy (le-vi) Levy, Lévy or Levies (/ˈliːvaɪ/)
A levy, or levies, is/are a military force raised ("levied") in a particular manner. Typically this means units raised by conscription, but not always. In the British Empire, levies were units raised by local officials for local tasks, typically for local order and security.

Autumn 2015 saw KING SIZE SLIM go on the road in Northern UK with Skip 'little axe' McDonald. Taking in LIverpool Philharmonic and Manchester's legendary 'Band On the Wall' amongst other northern venues. The Double Bill package was received brilliantly by audiences throughout the two week run. More tours with this package are planned for 2016, taking in South-West and Midlands UK and Belgium/Holland.
Leading into winter KING SIZE SLIM made appearances at Festival Be-Bop in Le Mans and also Festival Blues-Sur-Seine in and around Paris. Following the attacks in Paris just a few days before Blues Sur Seine had enormously tight security and audiences were down on last year. However the shows were good with the general school of thought being 'we are not afraid'.
The remainder of 2015 will see KING SIZE SLIM performing solo shows across the South and another return to France for an exclusive solstice set in the Heart of Brittany.

Midway through summer festival season 2015 and heres the latest review of the KING SIZE SLIM solo set at ACOUSTIC FESTIVAL of BRITAIN....taken from

" In my view though, King Size Slim gave the standout performance of the weekend. His fat roots boogie sound just blew me away. One man and a steel resonator guitar which he worked mercilessly to produce an irresistible groove to back his big bluesy voice. Hard for any audience to resist, and in the confines of the Festival's compact third stage – the Solar Powered Big Top – it was overwhelming. People sang and stomped along joyously. Slim responded by unplugging and doing his thing old school style, without amplification, which took the whole experience up another level. Judging by audience reaction and the queue for his CDs, I wasn't the only one to feel the set fill my heart and touch my soul. This was the real deal, authentic acoustic roots music."