February '19 Hit the ground running
A nice selection of live shows awaits KING SIZE SLIM in the early part of 2019. The full four-piece line up plus special guest Bev Lee Harling will takeover The Jazz Club Soho ,London Sunday 17th February, then theres the annual trip to Broadstairs, Kent for a Sunday show at the British Blues Award nominated "Broadstairs Blues Bash". Folllowed swiftly by the Hastings Fat Tuesday shennanigans 2nd-5th March, early spring is pretty much non-stop. 'KSS 2nd Sunday Residency: From Sunday 10th March KING SIZE SLIM will be taking care of the famous Sunday Sessions at The Albion, George Street , Hastings. Every 2nd Sunday in March, April and May. Full line-up plus guests at this brilliant sunday haunt. 17/02 KING SIZE SLIM full band + Bev Lee Harling Pizza express Jazz Club Soho www.pizzaexpresslive.com/whats-on/king-size-slim 24/02 Solo Sunday Session Broadstairs Blues Bash http://www.broadstairsbluesbash.com/ 02/03 Fat Tuesday : Acoustic Saturday Old town hastings www.hastingsfattuesday.co.uk/ 04/03 Fat Tuesday : Slim Monday St.Marys in the Castle Hastings )5/03 fat Tuesday : La Grande Nuit! Old Town Hastings 2nd Sunday Residency: every 2nd Sunday in March, April and May KING SIZE SLIM + guests @ The Albion, George Street Hastings www.albionhastings.com/